Silva Commercial Cleaning

Where Commercial Clean Meets Green

A clean office, school, or other space is important for countless reasons. After all, it’s not only vital to make positive impressions on clients or customers, it’s essential for employee health, motivation, and well-being.

Of course, you don’t have the time or employees to maintain office cleanliness on your own. That’s where Silva Commercial Cleaning comes in.

Commercial Cleaning Services Include
At Silva Commercial Cleaning, we don’t believe in focusing on one surface or area more than another. We execute each of our services with professionalism, care, and the utmost attention to the cleanliness of the surface rather than how it looks.
Commercial Cleaning for Offices, Schools, Restaurants, Homes, and More
When you choose Silva for your commercial cleaning needs, you’ll receive much more than your standard services. We value deep, effective cleaning techniques that don’t just create a superficial shine, but remove pollutants and bacteria from the workplace at a deep level.

Ask us about our residential/ home cleaning service.

No matter where you work, having a deep clean is important. That’s why at Silva, we service all types of business, including:

  • Offices
  • Medical Facilities
  • Car Dealerships
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • New Construction (preparing homes for buyers)
  • Rental Properties (move out cleanings)
  • Gas Station (fuel remediation and removal)


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A Thorough, Efficient, Green Cleaning is Just a Phone Call Away

If you’re tired of settling for the superficial shine of most commercial cleaning companies, it’s time to call Silva. Whether you own a building, manage a property, or are in charge of securing efficient, cost-effective services for your company, we can help.

Steve Liebowitz
for the past three years ,Silva Commercial Cleaning has Exceeded our Expectations providing great cleaning for both in our factory and in our offices and showroom.they are courteous,professional and consistent in delivering exceptional cleaning to us each time. we highly recommend!!!
for the past three years ,Silva Commercial Cleaning has Exceeded our Expectations providing great cleaning for both in our factory and in our offices and showroom.they are courteous,professional and consistent in delivering exceptional cleaning to us each time. we highly recommend!!!
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